A Law Firm
Exclusively for Employers

Plūme inc is a law and consulting firm driven by a simple objective:
To do things differently.

We want to use of our years of experience in the labour movement and our knowledge of employee motivations to change the old way of doing things.

Our goal is to shift paradigms for the benefit of employers.

Labour relations should not be time consuming for our clients. We put our energy and know-how into opening lines of communication between employers and their employees – whether in a unionized or non-unionized setting.

A personalized approach

Our approach is pragmatic, realistic, and takes into account the realities of our clients.

We stand out in our ability to communicate with our clients’ workforce. We understand the dynamics between employees and employers, and it is this dynamic that shapes the work environment. We use our expertise to create, restore or maintain a positive atmosphere in the workforce.


Our billing is simple and reasonable:

complete transparency,
no photocopying costs,
no administrative costs,
no surprises,
honest, to the minute billing.

Our Values



Client satisfaction
Simple billing
Anticipate problems before they arise


Legal counsel in labour and employment matters
Representation before all tribunals
Interpretation and application of laws to business realities
Representation in human rights complaints
Employment contracts

What we do that sets us apart from other firms

Human resources with a legal approach

  • Accompanying employers throughout an employee’s employment: from hiring to end of employment
  • Drafting policies
  • Develop or revise employee handbooks
  • Full support in psychological harassment matters
  • Support for the recruitment and retention of employees

Creation of customized training

  • Development of leadership
  • Labour relations
  • Vulnerability to unionization
  • Amendments to laws (cannabis, labour standards, psychological harassment, accommodation, progressive discipline)

Labour Relations

  • Collective bargaining
  • Managing relationships with unions
  • Put strategies in place to reduce the chances of unionization
  • Work with our clients to reduce grievances in unionized workplaces

Our Team

Lina A. Aristeo, LL.B

A law graduate and member of the Quebec Bar, prior to founding Plūme Inc., Lina was involved in every level of the labour movement. As VP of an international union, VP of the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ) and Executive VP of one of Quebec’s largest private-sector unions, she has privileged insight into the inner-workings of the many facets of the labour movement.

In her ten years running a Quebec union, she also served as co-president of several insurance and pension funds, led industry-wide collective bargaining, and brought an end to a culture of striking to succeed.

Today, as a representative of employers, Lina is mindful of her clients’ legal obligations, while helping them devise and implement strategies for sound and positive labour relations in their companies.

514 360-6391 ext 242

Barbara Pisani

Equipped with a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience in business, community work and politics, Barbara Pisani has a vast professional background.

A seasoned businesswoman, Barbara has developed management and organizational expertise in retail and market development for private companies, within her own consulting firm.

Barbara has dedicated the past ten years to active politics. She touched various levels of government in several federal departments, most notably the Ministry of Employment and Social Development.

Among her greatest assets are her extensive professional network, her leadership, her ability to organize and her efficient management of administrative and human resources.

Her contribution to the Plume Inc. team will allow her to use all her skills in order to plan operations, ensuring the growth of the company so that the expertise of Plume inc. caters to a larger number of clients.

514 360-6391 ext 243

Kathleen Radford, LL.B.

Kathleen is an experienced lawyer who has represented hundreds of clients ranging from large multi-national public corporations to individual citizens.

During the past ten years, Kathleen has acquired a broad and comprehensive range of experience both in private practice and working as in-house corporate counsel (Ethics & Compliance, Privacy and Litigation).

Kathleen has also spent the past 10 years dealing with a variety of labour and employment matters and is now part of the team at Plūme inc. where she can continue to provide excellent personalized and creative legal services. Her specialty is in representation of non-unionized companies in a variety of employment matters including Health and Safety.

514 360-6391